What the Americans Left Behind in East Anglia

Explore the history of the US Air Force during WWII

Highlights from the objects that we have found while exploring the airbases of the US Air Force in the UK

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Database of Objects

The database contains objects excavated by Operation WALBEA from US military bases in East Anglia. You can explore artefacts from the barracks, mess hall and the Post Exchange. Simply browse the images in a particular category and click on ones you like. You can also search by context to see all objects from one assemblage.

Places of Interest

Here you can find tourist information about the US military heritage in the East of England. From national cemeteries to small volunteer-run museums, archive centres and even quintessential British pubs, the region offers something for everyone.


Learn more on these pages about the sites investigated by Operation WALBEA. You can find out about the history of the military facilities we are examining. Furthermore, you will be able to uncover more about the archaeological techniques used by the project team.

Online Exhibitions

On these pages you can learn more about the US military presence in the East of England during the Second World War. Articles will cover topics such as conflict archaeology and the military facilities. We will also reveal more information about our finds.